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Information for the Friends and Family of Inmates at Robert Presley Detention Center

Posted in General FAQ'S,Riverside Jails Information on February 15, 2016

The Robert Presley Detention Center of Riverside, California temporarily houses adult inmates who are awaiting an arraignment, those waiting to be released on their own recognizance, or inmates waiting to post bail. Minors are usually detained at the Riverside Juvenile Hall. The Robert Presley Detention Center is managed by Captain Robert Peebles. We have compiled the following information for friends and family members of inmates of Robert Presley Detention Center.

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How to Post Bail at Robert Presley Detention Center

Bail is essentially collateral to ensure a defendant appears in court. Rather than remain in county jail until an arraignment, individuals may pay a sum based on the severity of their crimes to be released. If they successfully appear at all required court dates, the bail money is paid back after the case concludes. The bail money is forfeited should they fail to attend any required court hearing.

Any individual who wishes to pay bail for the release of a friend or loved one may do so in the lobby of Robert Presley Detention Center with a single payment for the total amount. Most people can’t afford to pay an entire bail amount at once and may use what is known as a bail bond. These bonds can be obtained from local bail bond establishments.

A bail bond requires 10% of the total bond amount to be paid and is nonrefundable. If the defendant fails to attend every scheduled court appearance, whoever obtained the bond is responsible for paying the full amount to the bond agent.

Contacting Inmates at Robert Presley Detention Center

All booked inmates at the Robert Presley Detention Center are allowed to make one outgoing phone call free of charge. Inmates are not permitted to take any incoming phone calls. If the inmate wishes to make any calls after their first free one, they must call collect or use a calling card.

Family and friends can send money to an inmate for a calling card. The inmate may then purchase a card at the Detention Center Commissary. Letters by mail may be sent and received by inmates daily. Letters may be sent to:

[Inmate’s name and booking number]
Robert Presley Detention Center
P.O. Box 710
Riverside, CA. 92501

All incoming mail must have a return address or it will not be delivered. All inmate mail will be examined for any criminal content such as drugs or contraband. The following items will NOT be delivered to an inmate:

  • Any more than 10 photographs, or photos with sexual or violent imagery
  • Odorous substances such as perfume or cologne
  • Stickers, labels, or any kind of stamps
  • Care packages that include food, stationery, craft supplies, or trinkets
  • Greeting cards or postcards
  • Mail that contains glue, crayon, sticky substances, gel-based ink, or “white out”
  • Cash and personal checks are not permitted

But, US Postal Service money orders are acceptable to send to inmates. Inmates may receive books as long as they are mailed from a reputable retailer or straight from the publisher. Books sent this way need to be delivered via USPS.

Visitation Rights and Schedules at Robert Presley Detention Center

Inmates are allowed to receive visitors with some restrictions. Visits are limited to 45 minutes, and only two visits may be conducted in a seven day period. This period begins with the first visit. Every visit must be scheduled in advance. Each unit of the jail has its own visiting hours.

A maximum of two children and two adults is allowed per visit, and a parent or legal guardian must accompany all child visitors. All visitors must have valid government-issued photo identification, and the only items permitted into the visiting area are car keys or bottles to feed visiting infants.

Schedule your visiting appointment by calling (951) 341-8888 between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m daily. Visitor check-in begins 20 minutes before the scheduled time and promptly end 10 minutes the start time. There is no free surrounding parking; visitors may either park in tone of two public structures on the corner of Lemon and 12th St or use metered street parking.

If you need any more information about visitation, you can visit the Robert Presley Detention Center website. The Detention Center is located at 4000 Orange Street in Riverside.