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    As a former Deputy Public Defender in Riverside County, Mr. Donath has always been on the defense side of the law. 

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    Top 100 Trial Attorneys in California 2012-2014, 2008 Trial Attorney of the Year by the Riverside County Public Defender's Office, and dozens of other awards and accolades.

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    Your lawyer should have a passion for defense, not just a passion for money. Reputation, vigor, and determination go a long way in this business.

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Punishment for Public Urination in California

Posted in Uncategorized on June 29, 2019

Urinating in public is generally not a crime in the state of California. California does not have a statute that specifically bars a person from urinating in public places, other than a statute (California Penal Code Section 640) prohibiting it in public transportation vehicles, such as trains or buses. Yet in certain circumstances, an officer…

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What Happens When You Face Out-of-State Charges?

Posted in Criminal Defense on June 28, 2019

Facing criminal charges in your home state is frightening enough; when you receive out-of-state charges, you can be even more confused as to your rights and legal options. Out-of-state charges will mean the state in which the alleged crime happened has the right to prosecute you for the offense. This can result in major logistical…

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How Many Points Can You Get on Your License in California?

Posted in Uncategorized on June 27, 2019

Violating a traffic law in California can result in points on your license. The point system serves to punish drivers for moving violations. If you accrue too many points on your driver’s license, you could lose your driving privileges. Understanding how the point system works can help you avoid losing your license due to too…

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Police Search and Seizure Limitations

Posted in Criminal Defense on June 26, 2019

A police officer does not have free rein to search a person or property, or seize any alleged evidence or contraband, without probable cause or a warrant to do so. This is the basic right every American citizen has under the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States. If a police officer breaches…

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What Is the Reasonable Expectation of Privacy?

Posted in Criminal Defense on June 25, 2019

Every citizen of the United States has certain rights according to the U.S. Constitution. The Fourth Amendment to the Constitution guarantees the right to a reasonable expectation of privacy. This right protects people from invasions of privacy in certain settings, such as in the privacy of the individual’s home. If a police officer or another…

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California Penalties for Racketeering?

Posted in Criminal Defense on June 24, 2019

If a court convicts you of racketeering in California, it finds you guilty of involvement in some kind of criminal activity for the purpose of financial gain. The penalties for racketeering can be extremely severe depending on the circumstances of the crime. The best way to protect yourself against the full penalties of racketeering is…

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Arraignment Hearing Process in California

Posted in Uncategorized on June 22, 2019

An arraignment hearing is the first court appearance a defendant will make after facing charges for a crime. During an arraignment, the defendant will hear the formal charges the court is pressing against him or her. The defendant will also have the opportunity to enter a plea: guilty, not guilty, or no contest. Arraignments are…

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Juvenile Shoplifting Penalties in California

Posted in Juvenile Crimes on June 21, 2019

A juvenile case involves a defendant under the age of 18. When the suspect of a crime is a minor, that person usually will not go through the typical criminal court process. Instead, he or she will face the unique juvenile system. A juvenile shoplifting conviction can impede a child’s life from an early age….

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What’s the Difference Between Civil Fraud & Criminal Fraud?

Posted in Criminal Defense on June 19, 2019

Most people do not realize there is a difference between civil fraud and criminal fraud, until they end up on the wrong side of an investigation. Fraud is an umbrella term that can refer to many different things. In the eyes of California law, however, its definition becomes much more specific. Begin your deeper understanding…

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Type of Field Sobriety Test in DUI Cases

Posted in Uncategorized on May 30, 2019

A field sobriety test is a tool law enforcement officers may use to try to determine whether a driver is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. It involves a series of physical and/or mental exercises police officers may ask the driver to complete. Low performance during the field sobriety test allegedly serves as proof…

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