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Mr. Donath has spent his entire career defending people and standing up for the rights of the accused.

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  • former deputy public defender

    As a former Deputy Public Defender in Riverside County, Mr. Donath has always been on the defense side of the law. 

  • award winning certified criminal law specialist

    Top 100 Trial Attorneys in California 2012-2014, 2008 Trial Attorney of the Year by the Riverside County Public Defender's Office, and dozens of other awards and accolades.

  • a true passion for defending the accused

    Your lawyer should have a passion for defense, not just a passion for money. Reputation, vigor, and determination go a long way in this business.

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What happens to my car after being arrested for DUI in California?

Posted in Criminal Defense,Drug FAQ'S,Drunk Driving,DUI on October 7, 2019

Getting pulled over and arrested for driving under the influence is difficult and may require you to go to court. This process is tough enough, especially when you have to worry about getting your car back as well. Even though a vehicle will almost always be towed away after a DUI arrest, you can almost…

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What To Do If You Are Pregnant and Facing Jail Time

Posted in Criminal Defense on September 24, 2019

The number of women in state prisons has increased dramatically over the last three decades. There are certain challenges that women face when incarcerated related to their health that men do not have. This is especially true when it comes to women who are sent to jail or prison while pregnant. How to corrections officials…

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Types of Robbery Charges

Posted in Criminal Defense,Robbery on September 23, 2019

Any type of robbery charge in the state of California is serious. If you or a loved one have been charged with robbery or a related charge, consider securing legal assistance as soon as possible. The penalties for being convicted of robbery charges can be severe. Penal Code 211 Under California law, robbery is defined…

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Riverside Criminal Court Information

Posted in Criminal Defense on September 21, 2019

If you or a loved one are facing criminal charges or a warrant, you need to understand that Riverside County criminal court process. The Superior Court of California County of Riverside website provides information necessary to prepare for a court appearance. Please understand that you have to go to court for your misdemeanor, felony, or…

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How to Check if Your Loved One Was Booked in Jail

Posted in Criminal Defense on September 20, 2019

You do not want to be left in the dark as to whether your loved one has been taken to jail or not. If you suspect that your loved one has been arrested in Riverside County, you can find out if they have been booked into jail. Riverside County inmate search Your first step is…

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Do Dismissed Charges Show Up On Your Criminal Record?

Posted in Criminal Defense on September 19, 2019

If you or a loved one have been arrested and charged with a crime, but later had the charges dismissed, you need to know if these charges stay on your record. The answer to whether your dismissed charges show up on a criminal record is complex. When you end up in court for charges against…

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Consequences for Fighting in Public

Posted in Uncategorized on September 18, 2019

Most people understand that fighting someone, whether in a public place or not, is not a good idea. Though we should all take steps to resolve differences before they reach a tipping point, there are times when tempers flare and fights break out. Fighting in public can be considered disturbing the peace, which is illegal…

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Can I Travel with CBD Oil?

Posted in Uncategorized on September 17, 2019

There has been a rapid rise in the popularity of cannabidiol (CBD) oil in the United States. The product is sold in many retail locations and marketed to ease or solve many types of ailments. There are some FDA-approved medications that contain CBD oil, though most of the CBD products sold are not FDA-approved. It…

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Truancy Laws & Penalties in California

Posted in Criminal Defense,Juvenile Crimes on August 20, 2019

Under California’s Constitution, public education is declared to be an essential and fundamental right for all. Public education for all children between the ages of 6 and 18 is compulsory. Children between those ages who frequently miss school are subject to disciplinary actions, and their parents could be in trouble with the law. A child…

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Penalties for Hiring Undocumented Workers

Posted in Uncategorized on August 19, 2019

When you own or operate a business, it is important to follow both state and federal laws. The issue of undocumented workers has been a hot topic in the news across the US for the last few years. Though California law offers wide-ranging protections for the rights of undocumented workers, it is important for employers…

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