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  • former deputy public defender

    As a former Deputy Public Defender in Riverside County, Mr. Donath has always been on the defense side of the law. 

  • award winning certified criminal law specialist

    Top 100 Trial Attorneys in California 2012-2014, 2008 Trial Attorney of the Year by the Riverside County Public Defender's Office, and dozens of other awards and accolades.

  • a true passion for defending the accused

    Your lawyer should have a passion for defense, not just a passion for money. Reputation, vigor, and determination go a long way in this business.

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Criminal Defense

What Happens When You Face Out-of-State Charges?

Posted in Criminal Defense on June 28, 2019

Facing criminal charges in your home state is frightening enough; when you receive out-of-state charges, you can be even more confused as to your rights and legal options. Out-of-state charges will mean the state in which the alleged crime happened has the right to prosecute you for the offense. This can result in major logistical…

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Police Search and Seizure Limitations

Posted in Criminal Defense on June 26, 2019

A police officer does not have free rein to search a person or property, or seize any alleged evidence or contraband, without probable cause or a warrant to do so. This is the basic right every American citizen has under the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States. If a police officer breaches…

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What Is the Reasonable Expectation of Privacy?

Posted in Criminal Defense on June 25, 2019

Every citizen of the United States has certain rights according to the U.S. Constitution. The Fourth Amendment to the Constitution guarantees the right to a reasonable expectation of privacy. This right protects people from invasions of privacy in certain settings, such as in the privacy of the individual’s home. If a police officer or another…

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California Penalties for Racketeering?

Posted in Criminal Defense on June 24, 2019

If a court convicts you of racketeering in California, it finds you guilty of involvement in some kind of criminal activity for the purpose of financial gain. The penalties for racketeering can be extremely severe depending on the circumstances of the crime. The best way to protect yourself against the full penalties of racketeering is…

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What’s the Difference Between Civil Fraud & Criminal Fraud?

Posted in Criminal Defense on June 19, 2019

Most people do not realize there is a difference between civil fraud and criminal fraud, until they end up on the wrong side of an investigation. Fraud is an umbrella term that can refer to many different things. In the eyes of California law, however, its definition becomes much more specific. Begin your deeper understanding…

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Criminal Statute of Limitations in California

Posted in Criminal Defense on May 29, 2019

A criminal statute of limitations is a deadline by which prosecutors must file their charges against a suspect. States enforce statutes of limitations to keep the justice system fair for defendants. A deadline encourages swift filing on the prosecutor’s part, rather than giving them the option to wait until the potential destruction of evidence occurs….

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What Counts as Public Intoxication?

Posted in Criminal Defense on May 28, 2019

Most states have laws that prohibit public drunkenness and related disorderly behavior. California’s public intoxication law does not prohibit being drunk in public. Instead, it makes it illegal to be so intoxicated as to pose a threat to others or to interfere with others’ use of streets and public places. A conviction for public intoxication…

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California Trespassing Laws

Posted in Criminal Defense on May 26, 2019

Trespassing is the crime of entering another person’s property without the person’s permission, or the right to do so. In California, trespassing laws define the specifics of the crime and the punishments that can come with breaking trespassing laws. The state’s laws describe dozens of trespassing situations. Some are common while others are more unusual….

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Can Domestic Violence Charges Be Dropped?

Posted in Criminal Defense,Domestic Violence,Domestic Violence FAQ'S on May 24, 2019

Domestic violence is a crime with many common misconceptions. One is that the victim can choose to drop the charges against the alleged attacker after calling the police. This is not the case. Once someone contacts law enforcement about domestic violence, it becomes the city’s decision to prosecute, regardless of the wishes of the victim….

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Concealed Knife Laws in California

Posted in Criminal Defense on May 23, 2019

California has modern, up-to-date concealed knife laws that are largely weapon friendly. If you live in the state of California, you can conceal carry most large and small knives, with a few exceptions. It is legal to purchase and possess bowie knives, as well as large knives, with no restrictions in size. It is only…

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