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    As a former Deputy Public Defender in Riverside County, Mr. Donath has always been on the defense side of the law. 

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    Top 100 Trial Attorneys in California 2012-2014, 2008 Trial Attorney of the Year by the Riverside County Public Defender's Office, and dozens of other awards and accolades.

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    Your lawyer should have a passion for defense, not just a passion for money. Reputation, vigor, and determination go a long way in this business.

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Domestic Violence

Evidence Used in Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Cases

Posted in Domestic Violence,Domestic Violence FAQ'S,Sex Crimes,Sex Offender FAQs on January 10, 2022

Domestic violence and sexual assault charges are serious, some of which carry the status of a felony. Under normal circumstances, both alleged victims and alleged perpetrators are concerned with the evidence that may or may not be used in a suit against them. While this is a worthwhile concern for those looking to find justice,…

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How Do Domestic Violence Investigations Work?

Posted in Criminal Defense,Domestic Violence on June 24, 2020

If you or somebody you care about has been arrested in charged with domestic violence, you need to seek legal assistance as soon as possible. Domestic violence investigations can be complicated, and you need to be sure that you are treated fairly throughout the entire process. You cannot rely on the prosecution or law enforcement…

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Domestic Violence Amid COVID-19

Posted in Criminal Defense,Domestic Violence,Domestic Violence FAQ'S on April 22, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has dramatically affected the way of life for most people in this country. While quarantine and stay at home orders have been enacted in most areas of the country to prevent the spread of COVID-19, these orders have had various unintended consequences, particularly when it comes to domestic violence. Without a doubt,…

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Domestic Violence Laws in California

Posted in Domestic Violence,Domestic Violence FAQ'S on April 5, 2020

The laws surrounding domestic violence in California are complex and can be difficult to follow. It is essential to understand how these laws work, so you can protect your rights. If you were recently accused of domestic violence and you need legal assistance, the Law Offices of Graham Donath offer free consultations and case evaluations,…

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The Three Main Types of Restraining Orders in California

Posted in Criminal Defense,Domestic Violence on July 15, 2019

Each year, domestic violence affects thousands of families in California. These incidents range from acts of jealousy and possessiveness to acts of extreme violence. California law rightly presumes that these alleged victims sometimes need immediate protection. However, when the alleged victim makes a report or makes a request for a protective order, authorities only hear…

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Can Domestic Violence Charges Be Dropped?

Posted in Criminal Defense,Domestic Violence,Domestic Violence FAQ'S on May 24, 2019

Domestic violence is a crime with many common misconceptions. One is that the victim can choose to drop the charges against the alleged attacker after calling the police. This is not the case. Once someone contacts law enforcement about domestic violence, it becomes the city’s decision to prosecute, regardless of the wishes of the victim….

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Why Do Domestic Violence Victims Stay Silent?

Posted in Domestic Violence on March 30, 2018

One in four women, or 24.3%, and one in seven men, or 13.8%, in the United States have been the victim of physical violence by an intimate partner. Physical violence is a common form of domestic violence, but it is certainly not the only form of it. Almost half of all American women and men…

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What Is A Violation Of A Restraining Order Or Protective Order In Riverside?

Posted in Domestic Violence on May 1, 2014

Violation of a restraining order is the common charge filed against someone accused of violating a domestic violence protective order. To prove that a defendant is guilty of a violation of a restraining order, the prosecutor must prove five things: A court lawfully issued a written order that the defendant refrain from some type of…

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