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Information for the Friends and Family of Inmates at Southwest Detention Center

Posted in General FAQ'S,Riverside Jails Information on February 29, 2016

Our Riverside criminal defense attorney, Graham D. Donath,  has compiled a list of useful information for the friends and family members of inmates held in Southwest Detention Center.

The Southwest Detention Center forms part of the Southwest County Justice Center, which includes the Southwest Sheriff’s Station and the Temecula Police Station. The Southwest Detention Center houses arrestees temporarily until they are released on bail, on their own recognizance, or until they are arraigned. The detention center also jails convicted defendants who have been sentenced to long-term incarceration.

Bail Procedures

Posting bail refers to paying the bail fee for any accused person who is pending arraignment. The bail amount essentially functions as collateral. If an inmate is released by paying bail, they receive the bail money after appearing in all required court appointments. Should he or she miss any court date, the bail money is forfeited and kept by the court. If bail is paid directly, it needs to be a single payment by cash or cashier’s check.

Local bondsmen and bond agents will offer “bail bonds” to people who can’t pay the full bail amount. A bond is 10% of the total bail amount paid as a nonrefundable fee. As long as the accused attends every required court appearance, nothing more needs to be paid. If they fail to fulfill this obligation, whoever posted the bond must pay the full bail amount to the agent.

Contacting Inmates

If you need to obtain any information about an inmate’s case, you may do so at the Riverside Superior Court website or call the Southwest Detention Center directly. You will need his or her booking number to find case information or to send the inmate any mail through the US Postal Service. Inmates are permitted to send and receive an unlimited amount of letters each day. Inmate mail must have a return address or it will not be delivered. Letters can be sent to:

[Inmate’s name and booking number]
Southwest Detention Center
30755-B Auld Road
Murrieta, CA 92563

The Southwest Detention Center website lists the restrictions for items and types of mail that may be delivered to inmates. For example, you may not send money, personal checks, or prepaid phone cards in the mail for an inmate. The rules stipulate that only US Postal Service money orders be delivered to inmates.

Every inmate held at Southwest Detention Center is permitted one outgoing phone call after booking, free of charge. They will need a prepaid phone card for any further calls, and prisoners may not receive incoming phone calls. Inmates may purchase phone cards from the Detention Center Commissary.

Visitation Policies

The Southwest Detention Center allows visits every day, but each unit of the jail has unique hours for visitation, and all visits need to be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance. Inmates are permitted two visits per week, each limited to 45 minutes. A visit may include a maximum of two adults and two children. All child visitors must have a parent or legal guardian accompany them. Every visitor must present valid photo identification, such as:

      a US passport

      a US military ID

      a valid California state ID or driver’s license

       a valid alien registration card

The staff of Southwest Detention Center reserves the right to remove or deny entry to anyone seen as a possible threat to security. No food, drinks, alcohol, illegal substances, cigarettes, cameras, or anything that might be used as a weapon are permitted in visiting areas.

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