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What to Do If You Were Falsely Accused of Assault

Posted in Criminal Defense on March 25, 2019

The criminal justice system is not foolproof – in fact, many California residents face false accusations of assault each year. This fact can lead to devastating consequences, as the guilty party walks free and the wrongfully accused individual may spend years in prison for a crime they did not commit. If you are facing an assault charge in California for a crime that you did not commit, it is imperative that you seek the services of an assault charge defense lawyer in the Inland Empire.

Reasons Why You May Be Wrongfully Accused

False accusations can occur for a variety of reasons. Someone could be trying to harm you in some way, leading to your arrest. You could be a target of revenge for some reason. In many cases, false accusations can simply be a case of mistaken identity or being in the wrong place at the wrong time. In any situation, a California criminal defense attorney on your side can investigate the facts of your case and help prove that you are innocent. For best results, obtain the services of a criminal defense lawyer as soon as you receive the assault charge.

Hire an Attorney as Soon as Possible

While we like to think that justice will ultimately prevail in cases of false accusation, this is simply not always the reality. An attorney can represent your best interests in the courtroom and fight for your release. California criminal defense attorneys can provide numerous benefits for your case and help you combat these wrongful charges.

  • Your attorney will have the resources and network necessary to conduct a full-scale investigation into the facts of your case. He or she will examine all available evidence and interview witnesses. Your attorney can also determine potential suspects who may have actually committed the assault. strengthening your case. He or she can obtain the services of forensic and medical experts to prove your innocence.
  • While waiting for your trial, the prosecution may present you with plea deals that promise you a shorter sentence in exchange for an admission of guilt. Your attorney can protect you against the pressures of signing a plea deal for a crime you did not commit and assist you with evaluating your other legal options.
  • Your attorney’s experience and training will be valuable in the courtroom. You want to build a strong and compelling case to convince a jury that you are innocent of the assault charge. Your attorney will likely have years of criminal defense experience. Combined with the evidence and investigation, you have a greater chance of building a successful case with an attorney than on your own.
  • Facing assault charges for a crime you did not commit can be a harrowing experience. Your attorney will assist you through this process and ease your nerves, helping prepare you for the courtroom. In addition, your attorney can answer any questions you may have about the trial process.

File a Counter Lawsuit

When your attorney releases you from your wrongful conviction and you are still recovering from your emotional distress, you can choose to file a personal injury lawsuit against the person who falsely accused you, along with other responsible parties. You can claim damages for emotional distress and other forms of pain and suffering in California civil court. When faced with a false accusation of assault, hiring a Riverside criminal defense lawyer is your best option in of a difficult situation. For best results, contact an attorney to begin an investigation into your case.