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Child Seduction Crimes and Penalties in California

Posted in California Law,Sex Crimes,Sex Offender FAQs on February 7, 2022

Sexually engaging with a minor in any capacity is a grave crime in California, easily met with harsh fines and hefty prison sentences. Sometimes, criminals toying with the potential of physically engaging with a minor test the opportunity to do so over the internet – effectively attempting to seduce the underage child. 

What they may not know, however, is that this is still a crime. Those violating the Solicitation of a Minor Laws in California are heavily scrutinized under the law. The Graham Donath Law Offices is a team of specialized Riverside child seduction crime attorneys, ready to take on your case concerning the solicitation of a minor for sexual deeds. 

What Falls Under the Child Seduction Distinction

The law in California is straightforward: one cannot distribute matter that depicts one or more minors with sexual intent. “Every person who knows… and who knowingly distributes… by any means… any harmful matter that depicts a minor or minors engaging in sexual conduct, to the other person with the intent of arousing… is guilty of a misdemeanor,”

This is critical information when considering what is or is not allowed in California. Essentially, any kind of sexual contact with a minor – even if the only contact was through the transmission of explicit material – is prohibited by law.

Penalties for Breaking the CA Child Seduction Law

The misdemeanor penalties for the violation of Penal Codes associated with child seduction include a fine of up to $5,000, up to a year in county jail, and misdemeanor probation. Alternatively, a felony charge would call for a fine of up to $10,000, up to three years in California State Prison, and felony probation. In addition, even a misdemeanor would lead to the registration as a sex offender for 10 years minimum. 

Tactics and Other Insights into the Seduction Law 

Law enforcement agencies have reportedly changed their ways due to the seriousness and prevalence of these crimes. Officers have begun to carry out “sting” missions, posing as underage children where they are then met with a swift arrest. A good deal of controversy has followed these tactics, however. Some claim that these operations leave individuals open to false accusation, entrapment, or false accusations. 

Talk to a Child Seduction Lawyer Today 

As more and more predators take to the internet with the intention of ensnaring children in a sexual abuse situation, more resources are needed to tackle the problem. One of the most principal concerns is the internet – a free-for-all platform in which there is little oversight or monitoring. These are just some of the reasons parents are more concerned than ever today. 

Your best option when dealing with a situation like this is to reach out to a Riverside child seduction crime attorney as soon as possible. No time can be wasted in situations like this, which is exactly why lawyers such as those at the Graham Donath Law Offices are doing everything in their power to protect your family from harm. Call us today at 951-667-5293 or contact us online.