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9 Other Ways You Can Get A DUI In California

Posted in Criminal Defense,DUI on December 20, 2019

When most people hear about DUI charges, they think about someone driving a traditional passenger vehicle. This includes cars, trucks, SUVs, and motorcycles. In California, the legal limit for blood alcohol content (BAC) is .08%. Get caught driving at or above that limit, and you can face serious legal consequences. Aside from the legal ramifications of driving while impaired, a person driving while drunk can cause serious injuries to themselves and others on the roadway.

How else could you get a DUI?

What most people do not know is that you can get a DUI on just about any mode of transportation.

On a boat

Boating under the influence is common. It is also illegal. Boating while under the influence of alcohol is illegal in every state in the US. In California, there are plenty of police on the waterways looking to those who look to violate this law.


While this may not seem like something as serious as driving a car while drunk, impaired bike riders can cause serious harm to others. Biking while intoxicated is a misdemeanor offense in California.

Riding a Segway

A Segway is a moving vehicle that can reach fairly high speeds and can cause serious injuries to pedestrians in the way. A DUI on a Segway is more common than most people realize.

Riding a Moped

California law says that anyone on a moped is subject to the same laws of the roadway as anyone else. Driving a moped or any other electric scooter while drunk will result in a DUI charge if the police make a stop.

Riding a horse

Riding a horse while intoxicated is never a good idea. While you may be able to get away with this behavior on private property, if you hit any public roadway while riding an animal, you are subject to the same laws as vehicle drivers.

Operating a tractor

To anyone in the city, this may seem laughable, but there are plenty of farms in California that use tractors that operate on the roadways. Riding a tractor while under the influence of alcohol can lead to a DUI charge.

On a lawnmower

If you have a riding lawnmower, think twice before having some drinks and riding it on the roadway. Some people think of creative ways to get to the store after having a few beverages, but taking a riding lawnmower for a spin while intoxicated will result in a DUI charge.

Using an ATV or snowmobile

It is not advisable to use an ATV while intoxicated. Not only can you get into legal trouble in the form of a DUI, but you could sustain serious injuries. Snowmobiling is a popular method of transportation for many in California, especially during the winter months in the mountains. Snowmobiling DUIs do happen.

Riding in a golf cart

A golf cart is another form of motor vehicle that must obey the rules of the roadway (when they are allowed on the roadway at all). Yes, you can get a DUI on a golf cart.

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