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Mr. Donath has spent his entire career defending people and standing up for the rights of the accused.

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  • former deputy public defender

    As a former Deputy Public Defender in Riverside County, Mr. Donath has always been on the defense side of the law. 

  • award winning certified criminal law specialist

    Top 100 Trial Attorneys in California 2012-2014, 2008 Trial Attorney of the Year by the Riverside County Public Defender's Office, and dozens of other awards and accolades.

  • a true passion for defending the accused

    Your lawyer should have a passion for defense, not just a passion for money. Reputation, vigor, and determination go a long way in this business.

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Riverside Probation Violations Attorney

A Riverside Probations Attorney Can Help Keep You Out Of Jail

Hiring the right Riverside criminal attorney could mean the difference between a lengthy stay in jail or prison and go home without any additional consequences.  Probation violations attorney, Graham D. Donath, has handled hundreds of felony, a misdemeanor, and juvenile probation violations successfully, and understands what is needed to successfully negotiate a violation of probation for the best outcome.

Many times being on probation can be a confusing experience.  Conflicting information from the Court, your attorney, law enforcement, and your probation officer can sometimes result in the ball being dropped.  Other times, personal issues or situations outside of your control can force you do not complete your probation terms as instructed.  Violations of Probation are extremely serious, and they can subject you to increased punishments, including extensive jail time, extensions of probation, or even prison time.

If you or a family member has been charged with a violation of probation in Orange County, Los Angeles County, or Riverside County, contact the Law Offices of Graham Donath, for superior representation that gets results.